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Chandra   Sengupta   Goswami   ..  
2012 Excessive dietary calcium in the ... Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 1 10 -
Sengupta   Sarkar   Chandra  
2011 Excess Dietary Calcium Depresses Male ... 98th Indian Science Congress 1 193 -
Sengupta   Sarkar   Chandra  
2011 Comparative Study of Calcium and ... National Symposium on "Frontiers in Modern Biology" organized by Department of Biological Sciences, 1 18 -
Sengupta   Sarkar   Chandra  
2011 Hard Water Intake and its Consequence ... 18th West Bengal State Science & Technology Congress 1 113 - 114
Sengupta   Sarkar   Chandra  
2010 Effect of Consumption of Excess Hard ... National Conference by Dept of Human Physiology with Community Health, Vidyasagar University 1 277 -