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Authors: Goswami, H., Sengupta, P., & Chandra, AK.
Title: Assessment of existing correlation between in vivo and in vitro models of calcium induced thyroid disorder.
Journal: WBSSTC 2012
Volume: 1
Start Page: 208
End Page: 0
Year: 2012
Web Link:
Abstract: Earlier findings from our laboratory had reported the possible nexus between hard water consumption and thyroid gland enlargement in environmentally iodine sufficient regions. Experimental models were developed to study the intricate details of that report in in vivo and in vitro methods. Adult male albino Wistar strain rats were subjected to different doses of CaCl2 -the most predominant component of hard water, for 60 days, to study the parameters including body weight; thyroid gland weight and its histoarchitecture, thyroid peroxidase (TPO), thyroidal Na+-K+-ATPase, thyroidal 5’ -deiodinase type I (DI), serum total T4, T3, TSH. Isolated thyroid glands were subjected to graded concentrations of CaCl2 in vitro to investigate the enzyme activity patterns. Significant (P< 0.05) alterations were found in body weight, thyroid gland weight, enzyme activities viz., TPO, Na+-K+-ATPase and DI, hormone levels viz., T4, T3 and TSH in the Ca treated groups in a dose-dependent fashion when compared to the control group. The in vitro results corroborated with that of the in vivo results. So, it can be suggested that, there exists a definite relationship between the indirect, i.e., hypothalamo-pituitary-thyroid (HPT) axis mediated (in vivo) and/or direct (in vitro) mode of actions of excess calcium which finally produces marked structural and functional alterations of thyroid biology and thus contributes in the development of hypothyroidism and goiter.

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