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Authors: Sengupta, P., Goswami, H., & Chandra, AK.
Title: Citric Acid potentially mitigating Hard Water induced Testicular Impairment in Rats.
Journal: 99th Indian Science Congress
Volume: 1
Start Page: 208
End Page: 209
Year: 2012
Web Link:
Abstract: Consumption of hard water and its adverse effect on different physiological systems is well established. However there are very few ameliorative measures have still introduced to counteract the damage caused by hard water salts to the reproductive system aftermath or during exposure. The present investigation has been designed to evaluate the protective effect of citric acid supplementation on hard water-induced damage to reproductive organs. Adult male Wister rats were treated with calcium and magnesium salts (as CaCl2 and MgSO4) in different doses. The parameters used for evaluation of reproductive damage includes testicular and accessory sex organs morphology and histology, epididymal sperm count, serum testosterone, LH & FSH levels, testicular and adrenal steroidogenic enzymes activities (?5 3ß-HSD & 17ß-HSD), testicular lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes profile. Significant ameliorative effect was observed in all parameters in rats supplemented citric. The findings suggest that citric acid effectively mitigates the hard water induced functional disruption of male reproductive function.

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