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Authors: Goswami, H., Sengupta, P., & Chandra, AK.
Title: Hard water: a potential thyroid disruptor.
Journal: 99th Indian Science Congress
Volume: 1
Start Page: 203
End Page: 204
Year: 2012
Web Link:
Abstract: With the advancement of human and environment interaction, hard water (with high calcium and magnesium) has been considered as a boon, especially to people living in environmentally mineral deficient regions. On the contrary, epidemiological studies from our laboratory already reported its possible potential harmful effects on thyroid. To explore this mechanistic aspect, adult male Wistar strain rats were subjected to treatment of combination of calcium (CaCl2) and magnesium (MgSO4)-the two most predominant components of hard water and body weight; thyroid gland weight and its histoarchitecture; thyroid peroxidase, thyroidal Na+-K+-ATPase, thyroidal 5’ -deiodinase Type I; serum total T4, T3, TSH were investigated. Overall results reveal that prolonged exposure to calcium-magnesium combination at relatively high doses altered thyroid morphology and functions. This study, thus, confirms the earlier epidemiological observations suspecting the role of water hardness on experimental animals, establishing the deleterious effects of these environmental agents.

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