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Authors: Sengupta, P., Goswami, H., & Chandra, AK.
Title: Excessive Magnesium Intake Reduces Testicular Oxidative Stress and Promotes Male Reproductive Function in Rats.
Journal: Physicon2011
Volume: 1
Start Page: 115
End Page: 0
Year: 2011
Web Link:
Abstract: Background: Magnesium, an important element for health and disease has been identified as a cofactor in various enzymatic reactions including energy metabolism, protein and nucleic acid biosynthesis. Its supplementation has shown to be beneficial in hypertension, treatment of angina; on the contrary its detrimental effect on thyroidal activity has also been recognized. Hypothesis: Available literature on the effect of excess magnesium on male reproductive system is scanty. Therefore to elucidate the effect of excess dietary magnesium on the alteration in male reproductive system as well as the generation of oxidative stress has been undertaken in this investigation. Materials and Methods: Adult male Wister strain rats were fed with MgSO4 at different doses for 13 and 26 days respectively. Effect of magnesium supplementation was estimated by using parameters like relative weights of testicular and accessory sex organs, sperm count, serum testosterone, LH & FSH levels, steroidogenic enzymes activities (testicular and adrenal ?5 3ß-HSD & testicular 17ß-HSD) and testicular histoarchitecture. Induction of oxidative stress has been evaluated by testicular lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes profile (SOD and catalase). Results: A significant increase was observed in testicular steroidogenic enzymes activities followed by serum testosterone level and other reproductive parameters (P<0.05), however, excess magnesium was found to cause reduction in oxidative stress in testis of rats as noted by reduced rate of lipid peroxidation. Discussion: Overall finding depicts magnesium supplementation boosts male reproductive activity and reduces oxidative stress.

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