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Authors: Sengupta, P., & Chandra, AK.
Title: Potentializing the Effect of Excess Dietary Calcium Chloride as Chemo-Castrative Agent.
Journal: International Conference of Integrated Physiology: Modern Perspective & Platinum Jubilee Celebration
Volume: 1
Start Page: 277
End Page: 0
Year: 2009
Web Link:
Abstract: Background & Objectives: Chemical castration is a well known non-surgical reversible process of sterilization of domestic animals to control their population and to control crime among rapist and sexual-offenders from re-offending. There are so many known compounds that are used as chemo-sterilizing agent, among them calcium chloride is a well known element. But in most cases it has been administered in intratesticular route. Methods: To investigate anti-testicular effect of excess dietary calcium chloride adult Wister strain albino rats (90days of age) were fed with CaCl2 at doses 1.0 gm and 1.5 gm/100 gm of diet/day for 60 days. Induction of chemo-sterilization was measured using the parameters like relative testicular weight, relative weight of accessory sex organs, epididymal sperm count, serum testosterone level, testicular steroidogenic enzymes (? 5 3ß-Hydroxy Steroid Dehydrogenase & 17ß-Hydroxy Steroid Dehydrogenase) and testicular architecture. Results: Significant reduction in testicular and accessory sex organs weights, along with inhibition of ? 5 3ß-HSD & 17ß-HSD activity and diminution in serum testosterone level, were observed in both the doses. The degree of inhibition in all the parameters was increased dose-dependently. Interpretation and Conclusion: Results suggest excess dietary calcium chloride produces suppressive effect on testicular activity mainly on testicular weight and steroidogenesis and accessory sex organ weight in dose-dependant manner.

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